Finish the Job on Financial Regulation

2017-04-14T02:10:38-04:00January 23, 2014|

GFSRBy José Viñals

Brisbane and Basel may be 10,000 miles apart, but when it comes to financial regulation the two cities will be standing cheek by jowl.

At the next summit of the Group of Twenty advanced and emerging economies, to be held in Brisbane in November, political leaders will take the pulse of the global financial regulatory reform agenda, launched five years ago. The explicit goal of the Australian G-20 presidency is to […]

Lagarde in Davos: How to Avoid an Economic Deep Freeze

2017-04-15T14:13:35-04:00January 27, 2012|

Amid the heaviest snowfall in Davos for decades, IMF chief Christine Lagarde has been making her case for urgent action to resolve the eurozone crisis, which is at the center of current global economic concerns. The Fund recently sharply revised downward its forecast for global economic growth and in a speech in Berlin Lagarde mapped a way forward.

More to Do on Financial Sector Tax, Says IMF’s Lipsky

2017-04-15T14:40:50-04:00January 28, 2010|

In an interview from Davos, Switzerland, the IMF’s First Deputy Managing Director John Lipsky says that although the mood among delegates is more upbeat than it was one year ago, people still have concerns about the resilience of the economic recovery.
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