Chart of the Week: Bye Bye Baby—How Crises Affect Fertility Rates

By IMFBlog

November 13, 2018

Increasing access to affordable and high-quality childcare can make it easier for families to have more children (photo: Franziska Kraufmann/dpa/Newscom)

The global financial crisis a decade ago and the resulting recession left long-lasting scars on future growth in more ways than one. Continue reading “Chart of the Week: Bye Bye Baby—How Crises Affect Fertility Rates” »

The Top Ten Blogs of 2016

by iMFdirect

What a year it has been.  12 months with big implications for the global economy.

In 2016 our readers’ curiosity focused on a wide range of hot topics in the world of economic and financial policy: the economic impact of migration, China’s economic transition, the prospects for negative interest rates, the way forward for Greece, the future of commodity prices, and the outlook for Latin America, to name a few.  We compiled this top ten list for the past year based on readership.  Continue reading “The Top Ten Blogs of 2016” »

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