Serkan Arslanalp is Deputy Division Chief in the Balance of Payments Division of the IMF’s Statistics Department. He has worked in several departments of the Fund (APD, MCM, FAD, AFR) on a range of diverse countries (advanced economies, emerging markets, low-income/fragile states), policy areas and issues, including: strategy; bilateral, regional, and global surveillance; Fund lending operations; standards; and capacity development. His research work includes pioneering work on the investor base of sovereign debt and use of big data tools. With Takahiro Tsuda, he maintains a widely-used database on the global investor base for sovereign debt. Work in the area of leading and supervision has involved mission leadership on a range of countries in Asia-Pacific and the Middle East. His research has been published in leading journals, including the IMF Economic Review, Japan and the World Economy, Journal of Economic Perspectives, and the Journal of Finance. Mr. Arslanalp holds an undergraduate degree in Economics and Computer Science from MIT and a PhD in Economics from Stanford University.


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