Asad Qureshi-2017Asad Qureshi is a senior financial sector expert in the Central Bank Operations Division of the IMF’s Monetary and Capital Markets Department. His work focuses on FX, Monetary Policy Operations, and foreign reserves management. He has been involved in surveillance, program, and technical assistance work involving diverse areas, such as SDR review, exchange rate and multiple currency practices, and reserve management. Mr. Qureshi has over 25 years of experience in global financial markets. Prior to joining the IMF, he had overseen implementation of monetary and exchange rate policy, debt market development, financial market regulations, and reserve management at the Central Bank of Pakistan. He actively managed multi-currency FX Reserves Investment Portfolio benchmarked to customized Global Bond Indices. Mr. Qureshi also has led technical team negotiations on two bilateral Currency Swap Agreements worth US$ 2.5 billion, as well as on acquiring license for investment in onshore RMB Bond Market. Prior to the central bank, he was Head of Markets and Treasurer with American Express. He has also worked for ANZ Banking Group in various locations.

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