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Carlo Pizzinelli

2022-01-19T11:55:47-05:00February 20, 2020|

Carlo Pizzinelli is an economist in the Structural Reforms Unit of the Research Department of the IMF. He previously worked in the Fiscal Affairs Department, covering Barbados, and in the Western Hemisphere Department, where he was part of the St. Vincent and the Grenadines country team and he contributed to two issues of the Regional Economic Outlook. His research interests […]

The Declining Fortunes of the Young

2021-11-02T13:59:22-04:00February 27, 2020|

By Era Dabla-Norris , Carlo Pizzinelli, and Jay Rappaport

Will I do as well as my parents?

A positive answer to this question once seemed a foregone conclusion; now, for recent generations, less so. Despite being more educated than their parents, millennials—those born between 1980 and 2000—may have less job stability during their working life. Concerns that it might be more difficult to break into […]

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