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Quo Vadis México?

2017-04-15T14:30:43-04:00December 13, 2010|

Mexico needs to prioritize boosting its very low long-term growth rate and create the jobs of the future for the youth. This will require tackling some difficult issues, particularly competitition, public services, and labor markets.

Rodrigo Garcia-Verdu

2022-05-24T09:52:13-04:00May 11, 2022|

Rodrigo Garcia-Verdu is a Senior Economist in the Middle East and Central Asia Department (MCD). Prior to joining MCD, he worked in the Strategy, Policy, and Review and in the African Departments. He is Mexican national, and has worked for the Federal Government in the ministries of the Economy (Economía) and Finance (Hacienda), and at Banco de México, Mexico’s […]

Jean-Marc Fournier

2022-04-21T10:47:33-04:00April 15, 2022|

Jean-Marc Fournier is an economist in the IMF’s Fiscal Policy and Surveillance Division, Fiscal Affairs Department. At the IMF, he developed a model to assess fiscal stance and provided fiscal advice for a range of countries, including Belgium, Côte d’Ivoire, France, India, Japan, Mexico, and the United States. He was previously an economist in the Economics Department of the […]

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