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Chart of the Week: Global House Prices—Where Is the Boom?

2019-03-26T09:29:06-04:00March 27, 2017|

By IMFBlog

Versions in عربي (Arabic), 中文 (Chinese), Français (French), Русский (Russian), and Español (Spanish)

While house prices around the world have rebounded over the last four years, a closer look reveals that this uptick is dependent on three things: location, location, location.

The IMF’s Global House Price Index—an average of real house prices across countries—has been rising for the past four years. However, house prices are […]

Fiscal Costs of Hidden Deficits: Beware—When It Rains, It Pours

2019-03-27T12:09:26-04:00February 9, 2016|

By Elva Bova, Marta Ruiz-Arranz, Frederik Toscani, and Elif Ture

(Version in Español)

Budgets can be full of surprises. And not always good ones. Often times, debt increases significantly because an unforeseen obligation materializes. These contingent liabilities, as they are known in the economist’s jargon, can have significant economic and fiscal costs. In fact, on many occasions, large and unexpected increases in debt across the world were […]

Central, Eastern, and South-Eastern Europe: Safeguarding the Recovery as the Global Liquidity Tide Recedes

2017-04-14T02:02:04-04:00April 29, 2014|

By Reza Moghadam, Aasim M. Husain, and Anna Ilyina

(Version in Türk)

Growth is gathering momentum in most of Central, Eastern, and South-Eastern Europe (CESEE) in the wake of the recovery in the euro area. Excluding the largest economies—Russia and Turkey—the IMF’s latest Regional Economic Issues report  projects the region to grow 2.3 percent in 2014, […]

Alexander F. Tieman

2021-04-29T09:19:00-04:00January 9, 2014|

A TiemanAlexander F. Tieman is deputy division chief of the Fiscal Operations II Division in the IMF’s Fiscal Affairs Department. In this capacity, he contributes to the IMF’s macro-fiscal agenda through work on fiscal issues in specific countries as well as cross country analytical projects. Mr. Tieman’s 19-year experience at the IMF includes assignments as Mission Chief to San Marino; […]

Mark Griffiths

2012-06-01T17:39:00-04:00June 1, 2012|

Mark Griffiths has been the IMF’s Latvia mission chief since 2008. Prior to that he was the mission chief for Macedonia. Mr. Griffiths started his career at the Fund in 1993, where he has worked on the Thailand, Indonesia and Turkey crises programs. Previously he held teaching positions at Exeter College, Oxford and at the Virginia Polytechnic […]

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