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Jeta Menkulasi

2022-05-24T10:02:42-04:00May 11, 2022|

Jeta Menkulasi is a Senior Economist in the Middle East and Central Asia Department (MCD) having worked previously in the European, Fiscal Affairs and Strategy, Policy and Review Departments. She has served as an economist in various IMF country teams including Argentina, Cyprus, Lebanon and Ukraine. She holds a PhD in Economics from the University of Maryland.

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Sophia Chen

2021-05-10T17:10:08-04:00December 8, 2017|

Sophia Chen is an economist in the IMF’s Research Department. Previously she was an economist in the European Department, covering the IMF program in Cyprus. Her research interests include macro-financial linkages, banking, corporate finance, and fiscal policy. She holds a PhD in Economics from the University of Michigan.



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Chart of the Week: Global House Prices—Where Is the Boom?

2019-03-26T09:29:06-04:00March 27, 2017|

By IMFBlog

Versions in عربي (Arabic), 中文 (Chinese), Français (French), Русский (Russian), and Español (Spanish)

While house prices around the world have rebounded over the last four years, a closer look reveals that this uptick is dependent on three things: location, location, location.

The IMF’s Global House Price Index—an average of real house prices across countries—has been rising for the past four years. However, house prices are […]

Chart of the Week: Inequality and the Decline in Labor Share of Income

2019-03-26T09:49:42-04:00March 20, 2017|

By IMFBlog

As discussed in the IMF’s G20 Note, and a blog last week by IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde, a forthcoming chapter of the World Economic Outlook seeks to understand the decline in the labor share of income (that is, the share of national income paid in wages, including benefits, to workers) in many countries around the world. These downward trends can have potentially large and […]

Angana Banerji

2017-05-25T19:27:58-04:00March 10, 2017|

Banerji,Angana1Angana Banerji is a senior economist in the IMF’s European Department. She is currently working on euro area policies, focusing in particular on product and labor market reforms in the European Union. Since joining the IMF she has worked on a broad range of advanced, emerging market and low income countries and been the IMF’s mission chief to several […]

Fixing the Great Distortion: How to Undo the Tax Bias Toward Debt Finance

2019-03-26T14:57:11-04:00November 10, 2016|

By Ruud de Mooij, Michael Keen, and Alexander Tieman

“The Great Distortion.” That’s what The Economist, in its cover story of May 2015¸ called the systematic tax advantage of debt over equity that is found in almost every tax system.

This “debt bias” is now widely recognized as a real risk to economic stability. A new IMF study argues that it needs to feature more prominently […]

Making Small Beautiful Again: The Challenge of SME Problem Loans in Europe

2017-04-14T01:44:57-04:00March 31, 2015|

By Yan Liu, Kenneth Kang, Dermot Monaghan, and Wolfgang Bergthaler

Six years after the global financial crisis, Europe continues to be weighed down by high levels of corporate debt and millions of nonperforming loans. Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) bear a disproportionately heavy burden. Their nonperforming loan ratios are on average more than double those of their […]

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