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September 7, 2018 

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Girls on their first day of school: our latest blog helps you catch up on all the news of the summer (Shadi Jarar’ah/Newscom)

As your list of things to do gets longer and the days grow shorter, you know summer is fading, just like your tan.

To help you quickly catch up on the news and policy debates of the summer—if you live in the Northern Hemisphere—our editors have put together a list of our top reads on economics and finance. 

We have blogs that give you a snapshot on the state of the global economy, the economic prospects for Argentina, Brazil, Venezuela and more, the rise of corporate giants like Google and Amazon, Brexit, and what next for the G 20 countries.

The Global Expansion: Still Strong but Less Even, More Fragile, Under Threat
Outlook for the Americas: A Tougher Recovery
Chart of the Week: The Rise of Corporate Giants
Shifting Tides: Policy Challenges and Opportunities for the G-20
The Long-Term Impact of Brexit on the European Union