By IMFBlog

December 28, 2017

Read the top ten blogs of 2017 (photo: Times Square- New York-Pacific Press/SipaUSA/Newscom)

We have all had quite the year. Our readers’ interests in 2017 focused on topics that affect how people live their lives: why wages are low, rising income and wealth inequality, household debt, climate change, and the scourge of corruption, to name a few.

As we wrap up the highs and lows of 2017 and get ready for whatever 2018 has in store, here is the list of the top ten blogs of the year based on readership. From all the elves editors at IMFBlog, we wish you a year of peace and interesting reads.

  1. The Disconnect Between Unemployment and Wages
  1. The Year in Review: Global Economy in 5 Charts
  1. Inequality: Fiscal Policy Can Make the Difference
  1. Corruption in Latin America: Taking Stock
  1. Rising Household Debt: What It Means for Growth and Stability
  1. End of the Oil Age: Not Whether But When
  1. Global Imbalances: Avoiding a Tragedy of the Commons
  1. Drivers of Declining Labor Share of Income
  1. Financial Stability Improves, But Rising Vulnerabilities Could Put Growth at Risk
  1. The Unequal Burden of Rising Temperatures: How Can Low-Income Countries Cope?